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We supply and install water heaters, natural gas, electric, propane. We also install client furnished water heaters. Call for a free in home estimate.


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Full Port Ball Valve:

Allows for maximum water flow and outlasts gate valves by decades.

Flexible Water Connectors:

Allows for earthquake movement without breaking. Our come with a full dialectric connection ensuring no leakage unlike those ones at the big box stores.

Scale and Rust Preventer:

This will allow your water heater to last years longer, fewer spotting on dishes and longer lasting faucets. Stop those clogged aerators today.

Expansion Tank:

Home with pressure regulators require these to keep the water pressure from getting to high and damaging the piping and the fixtures in the home.

Earthquake Restraints:

Home made earthquake restraints have not been allowed for many years. All must now be factory approved.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve:

Must be changed every time the tank is changed. It cannot be attached with a flexible line. It must be full size. It must drain to the outside of the home.

Gas Safety and Flexible Gas Connector:

The old must be replaced according to code and the manufacturer each time the tank is replaced. They are single use only and multiple use does cause gas leaks.

Sediment Trap:

This is required to be on the appliance now. It protects the gas valve from moisture and debris in the gas lines.

Safety Drain Pan:

Every water heater eventually leaks. It makes sense to ensure that when it does it doesn't cause any harm to your home.

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Be wary of FAKE warranties.


I like to call this fake warranty, (okay it's not totally fake but it is pretty worthless), from one of my competitors the "$309 installation fake warranty." This concrete guarantee nearly ends just as soon as the plumbing van leaves your concrete driveway. Click here to expose my competitor's $309 warranty.

Every guarantee we give is written in plain English on every agreement. 10 years parts and labor means you don't pay one penny for any covered repair.

Isn't that the the kind of guarantee everyone else is telling you, but not giving you?

No fine writing, no lawyer tricks, no B. S.

Never Pay a Penny Again for a Needed Repair ...Guaranteed

It time to take a grea hot water heater shower without fear of running out of hot water

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When we install and maintain your new gas water heater or new electric water heater we guarantee it to last. Our guarantees are second to none. Never pay for a repair again!

  • Lifetime warranty on labor

  • Lifetime warranty the gas valve

  • Lifetime warranty on the thermocouple

  • Lifetime warranty on the gas flex

  • Lifetime warranty on the gas shut off valve

  • 10 Years warranty on the tank

  • We pay for shipping!

  • We pay for handling!

  • We pay for all manufacturer service charges!

  • Nobody else gives you these kinds of guarantees, no one!

If your water heater fails within the next 10 years you won’t have to pay a single penny for any covered repair, period! There is no other water heater installer here in Southern California that dares to give you these guarantees, none even come close.

Call now 1.877.247.6426. We'll help with your gas hot water heBest water heater with the best water heater pricesater problems and your electric water heater problems.

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Ask about our unconditional 365 Day Guarantee!

If for any reason, or no reason at all...you don't want or like our service we will give you back 100% of your Hot Water Heater Investment, period!

If we cannot dazzle you with our service, our plumbing materials and our expertise then we don't deserve your hard earned money. Your money and your home are safe with us. We put you in charge of every aspect of your warranties and guarantees. You get to write what is most important to you. We are only here to serve you and make your life easier and less stressful. Give us a call and find out the level of service that you have been missing. Call now.

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