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Since 1992 We've been helping people just like you in home's just like yours.

We are a full service plumbing, heating air conditioning and electrical company serving the needs of Southern California residences and business 6 days a week with no overtime charges at any time.

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Cleanliness is the number one complain industry wide. We guarantee that your home or business will be as clean or cleaner after we replace your water heater as it was before we replaced your water heater. It's that simple. If we fail to keep your home clean we will clean it up or pay for a cleaning service to come to your home or place of business and handle the problem to your satisfaction.

Lifetime warranty on new water heaters


Hot water heater for the lowest price and the cleanest plumbing
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Is a water heater a one size fits all appliance?

No, but allot of water heater companies tend to treat it that way. Just because you have a water heater that is one size now, doesn't mean that you should install a water heater that is the same size. Different efficiencies mean different hot water heater outputs. Some really big hot water water heaters are great for initial hot water output, put perform badly under a continuous demand.

If your new hot water heater doesn't do exactly what we state that it will do we will do anything, anything possible, to meet that promise including giving you back all your money if we fail. You are going to be comfortable with everything we do and that includes your hot water heater.

Your low cost hot water heater installation will be performed by the best plumber in town
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On Time or We'll Foot the Dime

I have heard it so many times in the past. Homeowners call out the plumber to have a water heater price estimate and the plumber never shows, the hot water heater never shows or the plumber shows up many hours or days late. I guess they had something better to do or someone more important to see.


That will never happen here at The Empire Family of Service. You'll receive a convenient 2 hour appointment window and and if we are so much as one minute late....the minimum service call is free. You should not be waiting around all day for your plumber to give you a water heater price. Your time is valuable and if we don't treat it with the value you deserve, we'll ending paying you.

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at any time in the next 365 days after we install your water heater you are disappointed for any reason at all or even for no reason and you ask for your money back we will give it to you. It really is that simple. We are so confident that we install the best water heaters and have the best service that we are willing put our paycheck on the line...not your.

Your plumber will be on time with your new hot water heater
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The Most Energy Effective Water Heaters

We are not your run of the mill plumbing water heater installation company. We are full service water heater installation company and that means we install standard gas water heaters, electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, gas tankless water heaters, electric tankless, point of use water heaters, circulating systems and everything else in between.

If we install a high efficient gas water heater and you don't save on your gas bill we'll pay twice the difference for the first 2 years. We are that confident that we can stop you from making monthly utility over payments because of an old poorly functioning water heater.

Your new hot water heater will cost less to operate than your old gas water heater or electric water heater.

No Other Company Gives You These Guarantees

And they won't, because most of them don't even hire plumbers to service your home. Most of them merely attempt to fix the problems after about 6 months of schooling. They simply don't have the years and educational experience to offer and provide quality care for their customers. Most of them will be out of business in a couple of years. It is the same trend that has been happening in the plumbing industry for over 50 years. Your warranties and guarantees are only as good as the company that backs them. Most the people posing as plumbers float from company to company every year or two. I know as I seen thousands of applications from these people and rejected them.

We Won't Put a Criminal in Your Home or Business

In the 2000 census we found out that 1 in 47 Americans were either in jail on probation or on parole. In 2000 that was about 6 million people who I wouldn't let in my home and I don't think you want them in your home.

Some of the most popular trades taught in the penal system are plumbing, heating and cooling and electrical repair. With the majority of plumbing companies not performing background checks what do you think the odds are that you are going to get a convicted felon in your home? Checking out your valuables and checking out your family? It's way too high.

Here's a list of some of rejected applicants for plumber that I have received in last few years:

rape, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, drug possession, terrorist acts, drug sales, felony spousal abuse, theft, car theft, and the list goes on.

We didn't hire these plumbers, but you can be sure that these felonious plumbers are still working in the plumbing trade and they may be the next "friendly plumber" knocking on your door.

They will never work here at The Empire Family of Services and we will never send them to your home. We perform full criminal background checks on each and every employees before they ever set foot on any clients property.


Plumber security. We are the best plumbers in town

Call us to help you out with your plumbing problems ensures that you get real plumber with real experience and never a pretend felon.


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If you don't like it....it's free. You are in charge when you give us a call. All of our guarantees and warrantees are in writing on every agreement.

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